Prices for commissioned painting - How much does a portrait drawing and animal drawing cost?

How much does a portrait cost? Commissioned painting prices

You would like to have a Portrait drawn as a gift for your loved ones and Have a family drawn, but have never ordered it from a portrait artist, the Sketchus team or other illustrators? Do you have some questions you would like answered? The main question was: “How much does a portrait cost?” But there will be more questions that you should know. Read on to find out more.

Thecost for a commissioned painting, a portrait painting depends on the size, the number of people (or pets) in the picture and the experience of the artist. A premium style portrait costs between €100 and €500 (large format A4)

Note about price: You should not have a painting drawn that costs more than 5% of your monthly income. For example, if you make $3,000, you might want to order a painting that costs around $150. This way you can enjoy and admire the work to the fullest.

We can divide the costs of commissioned painting into four levels

Cost a portrait painted - Prices for portrait paintings:

10 € - 50 €

Draw with computer, smartphone, app, AI, graphics tablet, filter

50 € - 100 €

Amateur painter who draws for his hobby

€100 - €2,000

Experienced Portrait illustrator who professionally creates commissioned paintings

2,000 € - 10,000 €

Known, famous famous portrait painter


When we started in 2005, a portrait cost €50. But we now charge €500 for the same picture. What's the difference?

Commissioned painting prices

Level 1: Commissioned painting prices between 10€ and 50€

With these image prices you have many options. Drawing with a computer, graphics tablet is very quick and easy to change as erasing and assisted drawing with software makes editing easier. Currently, when searching for the keyword “Have a portrait drawn a>“ 70% of the results are displayed as search hits using the computer. It reflects the technological changes in today's world. Art is limitless and this choice also corresponds to the value of the image.

Level 2: Portrait painting costs between €50 - €100

You can find these artists on eBay Kleinanzeigen, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook. There is usually no framing service or picture wrapping service as a gift. There is also no professional website.

In this price range you can communicate with the artists online via email or directly via social networks. You certainly have less guarantee for payment, invoice or delivery time. The paintings and drawings are not packaged securely enough and may suffer damage during transport. The artist will also attempt to create the most accurate copy. It will bring less creativity and fine-tuning. The size of the portrait is usually small. Low-quality, simple paper is often used.

Most portraits in this price range are painted relatively quickly. Of course there are a handful of very ta