• Authentic Artistry

    Artistic impact rather than a simple copy. Elevate your memories with artistic flair.

  • Affordable Custom Portrait Drawing

    Last-minute and cost-effective.

    Pencil drawings in just 7-9 days

  • 100% Hand-Drawn

    Crafted on artist-grade paper for a personal touch, not digitally produced

  • Combine Photos for Your Portrait

    Merging photos to craft your distinctive portrait – our passion

  • Pencil Drawings from Blurry Photos

    We can transform old, blurry references into beautiful portraits.

  • WhatsApp 24/7 Support

    Customer service available 24/7 via WhatsApp, always here for you

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Do you have any questions about Sketchus Portrait?

How long does it typically take to create a custom portrait with Sketchus?

Under our standard production timeline, we craft each masterpiece within a span of 15-30 days, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and artistic excellence. For those seeking expedited delivery, we offer an express option, guaranteeing the arrival of your artwork in just 7-9
days, subject to a modest additional fee

How much does it cost to have a portrait drawn?

Our pricing begins at a modest £49, with each larger format and every additional animal or person adding a minimum of £30 to your masterpiece. For international patrons, we conveniently convert the charges to your local currency, ensuring transparency and convenience. Discover the full
spectrum of our pricing and tailor your portrait experience using our intuitive online configurator. Ready to transform your vision into art?
Start your journey by placing an order here, online

Is it possible to create a portrait from multiple reference photos?

At Sketchus, our team specializes in the art of seamlessly merging images from various references into a unified masterpiece. We take pride in helping you capture a special moment where emotions and scenes come to life as if they were reality. Before each hand-drawn creation, we engage in collaborative discussions to determine which aspects and references are suitable, ensuring precise positioning of subjects (including pets) and enabling before-and-after comparisons

Which image should I choose?

You should select images that evoke special emotions. For instance, photos of your parents during their wedding, your brother's smile after graduation... In cases of reference photos with multiple people, we recommend that everyone should be looking in the same direction.

To achieve the best possible result, we recommend sending us your most recent and clear photo references. Ideally, these should be:

  1. Close-ups
  2. Natural daylight without flash
  3. Sharp images (No blurriness or distortion)
  4. Full view of the person/face (Ears and hair fully and clearly visible)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. We provide non-binding advice around the clock, and we typically respond within 10 minutes.

Are my photos too blurry? Can Sketchus handle it?

The artists at the Sketchus team have been working with extremely blurry and old reference photos, as well as images of deceased individuals, for over 17 years. We have numerous project examples in pencil drawings, references, and extensive experience in the field of reconstruction, restoration, and working with old photos.

Will I receive a preview of the portrait?

Yes! You will receive a preview via WhatsApp, and we are dedicated to accommodating all your requests and feedback. Expect to receive your artwork proof for review and approval within 6 days or less. We'll collaborate with you to ensure your artwork is flawless before proceeding with printing and shipping.

How can I order a custom portrait from Sketchus?

Ordering a portrait from us is simple:

  1. Upload Photo: Start by uploading the desired photo that will serve as the basis for your portrait.
  2. Payment: In the next step, make the payment for your portrait conveniently online.
  3. Preview: After we receive your photo and payment, we will create a preview of the portrait for you. You will have the opportunity to provide any desired changes to ensure the result meets your expectations.
  4. Insured Shipping: Once you are satisfied with the preview, the finished portrait will be securely packaged and shipped to you with insurance. You can look forward to a timely and safe delivery.

Sketchus: What does it mean?

Sketch represents drawing, painting, creating... and Us stands for We, Us, You, Yours...

  • Sketchus: Drawing for you
  • Sketchus: Sketching your memories
  • Sketchus: Restoring your pictures to their former glory, damaged by time
  • Sketchus: Capturing your family's wishes
  • Sketchus: Drawing your lost loved ones
  • Sketchus: The simplest meaning is that we sketch every one of your ideas

Transforming your image into art - We draw and paint it for you!

How can one get in touch with Sketchus?

Our 24/7 support team is always ready to provide you with information and advice via WhatsApp and email at support@sketchus.com. With many years of experience, we are here to assist you in choosing the most suitable option and offer guidance on your artistic journey.

  • 19+ years of experience

    Since 2005, we have been crafting portraits with meticulous attention to detail.

  • 15,000+ custom portraits

    We capture your beautiful moments every day.

  • 12+ awards

    Recognized for excellence in design, art, and painting.

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