Convert damaged photos into portraits and drawings

The meaning of old damaged photos in drawings

Photos and images are priceless, but they are so badly damaged that traditional image processing techniques are inadequate and cannot be restored or repaired. In such cases, it takes a great deal of experience and creativity to create the damaged areas in the source resistance.


Use of creativity for unique drawings

Old photos never reach the sharpness and quality of the images we are currently used to. Current cameras, even smartphones, deliver such sharp photos that were simply not possible in the past. However, when it comes to old damaged photos, we use our creativity to rebuild lost content. This is how we create a new work of art.

have damaged photos drawn into portraits with the deceased

Have a photo restored - have photos drawn into portraits

paint damaged photos into portraits

restore photos have damaged photos drawn into portraits with the deceased
Have a portrait drawn with the deceased

Let us draw your picture

Our Sketchus team specializes in creating a unique portrait from several photo templates that perfectly captures the special moment.

Not only can we turn any template you want into a work of art, but we can also make it feel like everyone was there in the moment.

Let us help you capture that special moment forever. Have a picture drawn from €49

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