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Custom Portrait from Photo in Pencil, colored Pencil or watercolor

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What exactly do you mean by Artprint?

An Artprint is not just any artwork; it's a masterpiece meticulously hand-drawn on fine art paper. Crafted by the artist's skillful hands, each piece is scanned upon completion, preserving every delicate detail. These premium fine art prints are then produced with the utmost care, ensuring you receive a piece that radiates the essence of the original artwork. Plus, we prioritize swift delivery, so your exquisite Artprint arrives at your doorstep even sooner.

Number of people/animals

Get Your Unique Portrait in Pencil or Colored Pencil – How?

Sketchus offers you the unique opportunity to have your portrait expertly drawn in pencil or colored pencil. Simply place your order online and receive your bespoke artwork with express creation within 7-9 days. A timeless masterpiece, supported by 24/7 WhatsApp customer service.

Bild anfertigen lassen vom Foto Bleistift Portrait in Pencil Sketchus

Have a portrait drawn: Receive your photo as a high-quality pencil drawing

Transform Your Photo into a Premium Pencil Drawing with Sketchus

At Sketchus, we turn your images into a high-quality pencil drawing, ensuring a 100% hand-drawn, unique, and realistic representation of your treasured memories. Our artists skillfully craft your pencil portraits on art paper, steering clear of digital reproduction from computers, graphic tablets, AI, or Photoshop.

Sketchus Portrait

The Magic of Handmade Art: Commission Your 100% Hand-Drawn Portrait

Creating a beautiful drawing demands extensive work and meticulous attention to detail. Depending on the size, the creation of your artwork may take several hours or days. We specialize in creating high-quality portraits from your photo references, including those of your departed family members, ensuring a 100% hand-drawn finish.

Portrait zeichnen lassen Bilder vom Foto malen Zeichnungen anfertigen lassen Portrait Skizze nach Fotovorlage Schwarz weiß bestellen Portrait als Geschenk Bild malen lassen bei Tu Ho Hoa Tran sketchus
We use pencils on high quality paper

Why Choose Sketchus for Your Portrait Needs?

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

Our professional artists use pencils on high-quality paper, creating portraits that resonate with emotion and precision.

Swift Production Time:

Typically, our portraits are drawn in the order received, with a general wait time of 7-14 days. However, with our express service, we can prioritize your order and deliver your pencil drawing within 7 days.

Unparalleled Customization:

Each original drawing is crafted with the utmost detail, subtlety, contrast, and shading, tailored to your preferences.

Portrait malen lassen Bild zeichnen lassen

Family portrait painted cheaply - order online

Have a premium work of art made based on a photo template

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Drawn on drawing paper

☑️ ☑️

Professional artists

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100% Hand-Drawn Artwork

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Capturing More Than a Moment with Sketchus

At Sketchus, we believe in strengthening family bonds and celebrating love for animals and family through art. Whether it's a deeply touching family portrait, a wedding portrait, or an animal portrait, our drawings replace words with profound emotion. We cater to every budget, turning shared moments into everlasting artworks – a shared portrait.

Portrait nach Foto malen lassen Portrait malen lassen Online bestellen

Professional image production: Individual works of art for every budget

Honoring Memories with Sketchus

One of our specialties is integrating deceased individuals into family drawings. Our team, with over 18 years of experience, works closely with you to ensure the proper positioning and representation in the portrait, creating a beautiful memory in a unique image. Our goal is to craft a portrait that narrates a real story, bringing more emotion and meaning to your cherished moments.

Sketchus Custom Portrait from Photo
We transform your precious moments with loved ones into vivid portraits

Original portrait drawing based on a photo - a truly valuable gift

Why gift a painted photo?

A pencil portrait is more than art – it's a lasting memory, a daily reminder of a treasured story.

Real paintings from photos brings more emotions

Feel the emotion leap from photo to canvas. In today's world, genuine, hand-drawn art infuses life, love, and happiness into every stroke.

Celebrate life's moments:

  • Birthdays with bespoke photo drawings.
  • Memories with pencil portraits from photos.
  • Parent and grandparent gifts with personalized portraits.
  • Unique Watercolor painting portraits.
  • Family portraits, merging past and present.
  • Wedding day commemorations with photo-based portraits.
  • Cherished pet drawings.
  • Honor departed loved ones with portraits merging multiple photos.

      Custom Portrait with the deceased

      We ensure every portrait, especially those including deceased loved ones, is a harmonious, meaningful celebration of life and legacy. Choose Sketchus for portraits that are more than pictures – they're stories, memories, and emotions, beautifully preserved.

      Bild von Verstorbenen zeichnen lassen

      Drawing pictures of the deceased - custom portrait

      Gemaltes Bild mit Verstorbenen Portrait nach Fotovorlage Bild malen lassen mit Verstorbenen Sketchus

      Order a painted picture with the deceased online

      Important Considerations Before Ordering Your Portrait

      Before investing in a portrait, consider the following to ensure the best possible artwork:

      Hand-Drawn vs. Digital:

      Choose the authentic touch of hand-drawn portraits over digital methods for a portrait that truly resonates with emotional depth.

      Experienced Artists:

      Our seasoned portrait artists possess the skill to bring out the intricate emotions and expressions in each portrait.

      Quality Materials:

      We use only high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your portrait.
      Professional Support: Expect professional support throughout the process, ensuring your portrait exceeds your expectations

      Sketchus Commitment:

      • Affordable Prices
      • 24/7 Customer Service via WhatsApp/Email
      • Express Delivery in just 7-9 Days
      • Combine photos for your portrait
      • 100% Hand-Drawn Art
      • Professional Service Since 2005
      • Over 15,000 Satisfied Customers
      • Preliminary Draft According to Your Wishes
      • 200 Years of Quality
      • Ordering in just 2 Minutes
      • Insured Delivery & Free Shipping
      Experience the difference with Sketchus, where each stroke tells your story. Order now and cherish the magic of a hand-drawn portrait that captures the essence of your memories.


      Original: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor... on art paper. (or oil, acrylic on canvas)

      Artprint: high-quality fine art poster paper, reflection-free. (Or canvas print - oil portrait)


      Free shipping with tracking.

      Once you have given the final OK, the portrait will be delivered to you within 1-2 working days.

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      How do I contact Sketchus if I have any questions?

      You can contact us 24/7 via WhatsApp

      1. WhatsApp: +4917646754444
      2. Mail to:

      We strive to answer all questions as quickly as possible, often within 5-10 minutes. Your questions about having a portrait drawn are important to us and we will endeavor to help you promptly.

      What if my photo templates are of poor quality?

      No worries! Our Sketchus team has over 15 years of art experience and specializes in creating stunning works of art from blurry or old photos.

      Contact us 24/7 via WhatsApp at +4917646754444 so we can help you draw a unique image from your templates.

      How much can I charge for a portrait?

      Our prices vary depending on the painting style, size and number of people or animals to be depicted. Pencil style portraits in standard sizes (A4) start from £49.99.

      If you need more information about the cost of drawing a photo, we are happy to help.

      How can I commission a portrait from Sketchus?

      It's easy to order a portrait from us:

      1. Upload a photo: First, simply upload the photo you want to use as the basis for the portrait.
      2. Payment: The next step is to pay for your portrait. You can easily pay online.
      3. Preview: After we receive your photo and payment, we will create a preview of the portrait for you. You will have the opportunity to indicate any changes you wish to make so that the result meets your expectations.
      4. Insured shipping: Once you are happy with the preview, the finished portrait will be securely packaged and shipped to you insured. You can look forward to punctual and safe delivery.

      Who paints pictures from photos?

      Who are the artists behind the portrait drawings at Sketchus?

      Sketchus is a team of talented artists with 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 portrait drawings in their portfolio. They transform your photo templates into impressive portraits.

      How much does it cost if I want to combine several photos or have a portrait created from old images?

      Our specialty includes creating portraits from several templates provided. For example, we can compose a family photo from individual images. Even yellowed photos give us insights into past details that we can use to create a new work of art for you. We offer these services at no additional cost.

      What payment methods are available for online orders?

      With us you can pay safely and conveniently online. We cooperate with the leading online payment services such as Paypal, Klarna, Klarna installment payment, Mastercard or Visa. Of course, we also accept advance payment and bank transfers. We also offer options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

      Please note that secure and quick payment is possible in the shop due to the interface to the payment providers. However, with certain payment methods such as bank transfer, receipt of payment may not be reported until a few days later.

      Is it possible to pay in installments or make a partial payment in advance?

      We offer the option of paying in installments through our partner Klarna. Please note that a possible credit check is carried out by the payment provider, over which we unfortunately have no influence.

      Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer partial payments.

      Can I order a drawing of people and animals?

      Yes, of course! Sketchus has made it his favorite task and favorite topic to combine templates of people and animals into a unique work of art.

      If you are looking for the perfect gift that has an individual touch, we are ready to transform your ideas into a unique drawing.

      I'm unsure which photo templates to choose. What do you recommend?

      To achieve the best possible result, we recommend sending us your most recent and clearest photo templates. The ideal ones are:

      • Close-up
      • Natural daylight without flash
      • Sharp images (No blurring or blurring)
      • Complete image of the person/face (ears and hair can be seen completely and clearly)

      If you have any questions, you can simply contact us via Whatsapp. We provide you with non-binding advice around the clock, and we usually respond within 10 minutes.

      Will I receive a preliminary draft of my drawing?

      After ordering online, we discuss the photo templates together and make the decisions. Before the actual drawing process, we take enough time to plan the proportions, size, height, composition and contrast. You will receive an automatic preliminary draft in the following cases:

      • If the portrait costs more than £200
      • If the portrait is to depict more than 3 people
      • For particularly complex orders where we cannot make a clear decision and would like to take your opinion into account
      • If you stated in the comments section when ordering that you would like a preliminary draft.

      Please note:

      • A preliminary draft is a quick collage and template to get a feel for the drawing. The production time increases by one day due to the additional effort.
      • A preview: Under certain conditions, such as higher-priced portraits, we will also send a preview. You will hear from us when your drawing is basically finished and the preview is final. Here you have the opportunity to provide feedback and adjust details.

      I urgently need a family portrait drawing, what can I do?

      If time is short, we have the following suggestion for you:
      Order an art print with express production time (5 days).

      This contains:

      • We draw your portrait on high-quality art paper.
      • Once completed, it will be scanned and emailed to you in high resolution.
      • You can print it out directly and use it as a gift in time.
      • You will receive the premium art print a few days later and can simply exchange it for the printed drawing.