Blog 1: History of the artist company Sketchus

And now I have an almost finished pencil drawing in front of me and the clock is already striking midnight...

What actually brought me here?

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing every free minute since I was a child.

A key experience was when my friend Hoa's dog, my friend and pet, died. I wanted nothing more than to put a smile on her face again. With my big heart for animals, I made her a picture of her four-legged friend.

The grief was eased and her broken heart was healed for just a moment, during which time a dream began to awaken in me.

From hobby to profession artist

I dreamed of being able to share my enthusiasm for art with others and turning my hobby into a career.

My dream has now become a reality. Together with my wife and through Sketchus, we can show you our enthusiasm in our drawings today and so, as so often, I'm still sitting at midnight in front of an almost finished portrait that I can send soon.

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