Have a picture painted at Sketchus: Let your picture come to life!

Welcome to my blog at Sketchus - have a picture painted!

I'm Tu Ho, the creative mind behind the unique hand-drawn portraits you'll find here. I look forward to telling you more about our picture painting services and how you can order your own bespoke artwork.

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Your portrait, your story - let it be painted from the heart

Do you dream of turning your favorite photo into a captivating drawing? This is possible with us! Let's discover the magic of hand drawing together. With attention to detail and an artistic touch, we create portraits that are not just a picture, but tell your story.

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For you or as a gift: Have a picture painted

No matter whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for the perfect gift - we offer the opportunity to have your picture painted by us. Our artists use their skills to transform a photo into a work of art that evokes emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

have a picture painted

Capture unforgettable moments: Have a picture painted at Sketchus

In our creative space we take the time to capture the essence of your memories. From portraits of deceased loved ones to merging multiple photos into a unique work of art, we're all about turning the magic of moments into art.

have a picture painted

Fast, personal, unique: your work of art in 7 days

We understand that anticipation is the most beautiful joy. That's why we guarantee that you'll have your hand-drawn artwork in your hands within just 7 days. Fast, personal and unique - that's Sketchus.

Order now and create your unique piece!

The process is as easy as a smile. Take a look around our gallery, get inspired and choose the photo you want to turn into art. Order now and receive your customized artwork that tells your story.

Order online: https://sketchus.de/portrait

Have a picture painted as a gift

Are you looking for the perfect way to have your picture painted as a gift? You've come to the right place! At Sketchus we transform your ideas into hand-drawn art. Discover the fun, emotions and uniqueness when you have your picture painted with us .

We look forward to making your creative dreams come true. Order now and create your personal work of art!

With artistic greetings,


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