Have a portrait drawn: before & now?

The challenge of the past

Painting a portrait used to be a real challenge. Artists had to be masters of their craft and practice patience for hours to create just one portrait painting. But times are changing, and with them the way we capture and cherish memories is changing. The modern world is characterized by speed, simplicity and convenience, which undoubtedly brings many advantages. But in this whirlwind of fast-paced lifestyles, the beauty and value of our precious memories and moments often get lost. We live at a fast pace and things have become more readily available through mass production. But sometimes in this whirlpool of speed and convenience, we lose sight of the treasures that hard work, ambition and dedication lie in creating value.

The revival of craftsmanship

This is where art comes to the fore. The beauty of a work of art can help preserve these precious moments of life and maintain their true value. The work of an artist who brings out the subtleties with every brush stroke, places wrinkles and freckles in the right place, conjures details from the template onto the face and perfects the facial contours, creates an authentic and emotionally touching representation of the loved one. Seeing such a work of art, family members once again realize the invaluable value of the relationships between them, creating unforgettable moments for everyone present.

Sketchus: The Revival of Portraiture

And this is where Sketchus comes into play. Our talented artists have 20 years of experience and already have more than 20,000 portrait drawings in their repertoire. They take photo templates and create true works of art from them. And the best part? Our portraits start from just €49, making them affordable for everyone.

A work of art in record time

We also offer express shipping that gets your portrait to you in just 7 days. This means you can start enjoying your artwork in no time. And if you have any questions or need support, our customer service is available 24 hours a day – directly supervised by professional portrait painters.

Final Thoughts

Sketchus is the bridge between tradition and modernity, between art and everyday life. Let's preserve memories and bring art to life together. Our artists are the guardians of your memories, and they are ready to transform them into a masterpiece that will last for generations. Become part of the portrait art renaissance with Sketchus.

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