Best Friends Drawing with Pencil - Easy for Beginners with Template

Drawing can be a fantastic way to express your creativity and create unique works of art. If you're a beginner and looking for a simple pencil drawing to capture your best friends, you've come to the right place!

best friends drawing pencil

Best Friends Drawing with Pencil - A Guide for Beginners

Pencil drawings are a great way to capture the emotional connection you have with your best friends on paper. Here are some simple steps to help you create an impressive pencil drawing of your best friends.

Best friends pictures drawn

Best friends pictures drawn

Step 1: Find the right template

Before you start drawing, it's helpful to have a good reference. Choose a photo that captures your friends' personality and offers clear details. Make sure the pose and expression are authentic.

Drawing a friendship picture with a pencil

Step 2: Sketch the basic shapes

Start with light pencil strokes to sketch the basic shapes of your friends' faces. Focus on simple shapes like circles for the head and oval shapes for the facial features.

Step 3: Add details

Gradually add details, focusing on the eyes, nose and mouth. Pay attention to the proportions and try to make the details as realistic as possible. This step will bring your drawing to life.

Step 4: Set shades

Use different pencil grades to add shading. Emphasize contours and experiment with light and shadow to create depth. Shading adds a realistic dimension to your drawing.

Step 5: Fine-tuning and personal touch

Take your time to polish it. Add details like hair, clothes and other characteristics. Don't forget to capture your friends' personalities. Add your personal touch to the drawing.

Step 6: Critically examine and improve

Look critically at your drawing. Identify areas that can be improved and make adjustments accordingly. The critical eye will help you develop your skills.

best friends drawings pencil

Free template for best friends drawing friendship picture

To help you get started, we offer a free template for your best friends drawing.

best friends drawings pencil
pictures to draw two best friends drawing pencil
best friends drawings pencil
best friends drawing pencil
best friends drawing pencil
best friends drawing pencil
draw friendship picture with pencil
best friends drawing pencil friendship picture drawing with pencil

10 cool ideas for friendship pictures in line art for beginners

Line art is a fascinating and accessible art form, especially when it comes to the theme of friendship. Here are 10 simple yet impressive ideas that beginners can try to creatively celebrate their friendships.

  1. Intertwined Hands - Draw the hands of two friends holding each other. Focus on how the fingers interlock, symbolizing their connection.

  2. Silhouettes with a twist - Create silhouettes of you and a friend, but add small, symbolic details that represent your friendship, such as a shared hobby or favorite animal.

  3. Common interests - Depict an activity that you enjoy doing together, such as riding a bike, drinking coffee or reading books. The simplicity of the lines can be very effective here.

  4. Laughing Faces - Draw your friends' faces in profile while they are laughing. Focus on the eyes and mouth to emphasize the joy and laughter.

  5. Abstract Connection - Use abstract lines and shapes to represent the emotional and psychological connection between you and your friends.

  6. Animal Companions - If you have pets, you can create a drawing of you and your animals showing how they are part of your friendship.

  7. Experience nature together - Draw a scene in which you are together in nature, such as hiking or sitting on the beach. Nature can be represented in a stylized way using simple lines.

  8. Musical moments - Imagine making music together or listening to your favorite music. Instruments and musical notes can be creatively integrated into the design.

  9. Opposites Attract - Show how you fit together as friends despite your differences by harmoniously bringing contrasting elements together.

  10. Starry Sky - Draw two people looking at the starry sky together. Use lines for the outlines and add stars as glowing dots.


Drawing best friends in pencil can be a rewarding and fun experience. Use this guide to hone your skills as a beginner and enjoy the process of paying tribute to your friends in a unique way.

Give yourself the freedom to be creative and enjoy your own creations!

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