Collection: Portrait pictures at Sketchus – works of art for eternity

Portrait pictures – put a personal touch on your walls

Discover the world of portrait art at Sketchus, where every picture is more than just a picture - it is a story, a personal sign on your walls. Our portraits are masterful representations of personalities, captured in frames with passepartouts, adapted to your desired format.

Portrait art: The diversity of motifs

Our portrait art is characterized by its diversity. Each of our works is 100% hand-drawn - no use of cheap filters, AI, apps or Photoshop. At Sketchus, we focus on authenticity and quality to capture the essence of the subject in every stroke.

High-quality materials for durability

At Sketchus we only use high-quality materials to guarantee the longevity of each work of art. Our portrait paintings retain their quality and charisma for over 200 years, a testament to true craftsmanship.

Over 1001+ Portrait Picture Ideas

Get inspired by our extensive collection of over 1001+ portrait ideas. Whether faces or full portraits, you will find the perfect inspiration for your next work of art.

Portrait paintings on canvas and artist paper

Our portrait paintings on canvas/artist paper are available in classic and modern styles. Immerse yourself in Sketchus' exceptional range and find the perfect portrait that will enrich your rooms.

Limited editions and exclusive photo art

At Sketchus we offer you the opportunity to purchase limited edition portrait images and exclusive photo art. Each work is unique and an asset to any collection.

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