Frequently Asked Questions


How can I order a custom portrait from Sketchus?

Due to the high volume of orders and the order processing sequence, the best way to place your order is through our online store:

Sketchus Custom Portrait

Please follow these steps after you have found a style that suits you:

  1. Select Your Style: Choose the desired type (Watercolor, Pencil, Colored Pencil...) and select the size and number of people or animals.
  2. Upload Your Templates: You can upload up to 8 templates. Don't worry if you don't have them ready yet; you can also send them to us later via email or WhatsApp.
  3. Add to Cart: Click "Add to Cart".
  4. Review Your Cart: If everything looks good, proceed to your cart and click "Checkout".
  5. Enter Your Address Details: Fill in the required information.
  6. Select Production Time: Choose your preferred processing time.
  7. Choose Your Payment Method: Select your desired payment method.
  8. Complete Your Order: Confirm at the payment provider if necessary (automatic redirection to PayPal, Klarna, etc.).

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an order confirmation from us. As soon as all the information and templates are ready and we have registered your payment, we will start with your custom portrait drawing as quickly as possible.

Please make sure to mention the order number in the transaction description when making a bank transfer, so we can swiftly and accurately allocate your payment!

Can I order via WhatsApp or Email instead of the online shop?

While we recommend using our online shop for a seamless ordering experience, we understand that some situations may require a more personalized approach. Therefore, orders through Email or WhatsApp are indeed possible. However, we will commence the custom portrait creation only after we have all the necessary information about your order in our system.

If you're unable to place your order online or are dealing with a complex issue, please provide the following details via Email/WhatsApp:

  • Delivery Address: Where your custom portrait should be sent.
  • Contact Telephone Number: A number we can reach you at for any queries.
  • Email Address for Contact: Your email for sending order confirmations and invoices.
  • Photo Templates: Attach the photos you wish us to use for the custom portrait.
  • Product Type: Specify the medium (Pencil, Watercolor, etc.).
  • Number of Subjects: Include the count of people and animals.
  • Frame Option: Indicate if you want a frame (Yes or No), and if yes, specify the color (black or white).
  • Size: The dimensions of the custom portrait you desire.
  • Delivery Time: Choose from the options (10, 20, or 30 days).

Once we receive your details, you will get a confirmation and an invoice via email. We ensure that every custom portrait is crafted with care and precision, aligning with your unique preferences.

What is an Artprint?

An Artprint is a piece of artwork, akin to our original drawings, meticulously hand-drawn on fine art paper. After the artwork's completion, the artist scans the original drawing, capturing every intricate detail. This premium fine art piece is then printed using high-quality methods to ensure the artwork's essence is fully preserved.

Our Artprint offers a swift delivery option, allowing you to receive your custom portrait with expedited convenience. Additionally, Artprints are priced more affordably compared to our original hand-drawn portraits. This option provides a perfect blend of quality, speed, and value, making it an ideal choice for art enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern printing excellence.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. If you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it, we will issue a full refund. However, if the cancellation request is made after 24 hours and we have already started working on your custom portrait, a fee of 10 - 20% of the portrait price will be charged. In all other instances, a full refund will be provided.

To check the status of your order or to request a cancellation, the quickest way is to reach out to us via WhatsApp. When contacting us, please make sure to include your order number for a faster and more efficient process.

Send a message to Sketchus on WhatsApp

Remember, at Sketchus, we are committed to providing you with premium custom portrait services. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that your memories are beautifully preserved.

Where can I find examples of Sketchus drawings?

We are proud to showcase a selection of our work in our gallery. There, you'll discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Sketchus as we bring to life unique custom portraits. Our gallery features a diverse array of artworks including:

  • Individual Portraits: Witness the transformation of individual photographs into stunning, lifelike portraits.
  • People and Pets Together: Explore the charming portraits where beloved pets and their owners are captured together in harmony.
  • Scenic Inclusions: Delve into portraits that go beyond the standard, incorporating favorite vehicles, cherished environments, and more to tell a fuller story.

To experience the true essence of our custom portrait service and to inspire your own creation, visit our Sketchus Gallery.

At Sketchus, each stroke of the brush and each pencil line is carefully placed to capture the unique essence of the subject. Dive into our world where art meets individuality.

Can I change the style of my painting?

Certainly, but please inform us as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours after you place your portrait order. If we have not started the painting, we will modify your order for you and send a confirmation along with the invoice and payment method via Email.

Please contact or through WhatsApp, and our team will be more than happy to arrange the upgrade of your painting style.

Can I order a digital-only portrait?

Absolutely! You are welcome to place your order for a digital portrait right here. At Sketchus, we take pride in the authenticity and traditional craftsmanship of our work. Each custom portrait is meticulously hand-drawn, utilizing 100% traditional, paper-based methods. We steer clear of any computer-generated, AI, app, or filter techniques, ensuring that your artwork is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Once your custom portrait is complete, we carefully digitize the artwork by scanning it, delivering to you a high-resolution digital file. This process preserves the intricate details and the unique essence of the hand-drawn artwork, allowing you to enjoy the timeless charm of traditional artistry combined with the convenience of a digital format.

Place your order with us today and own a piece of art that blends tradition with technology!

Price & Payment

What is the cost of having a custom portrait drawn at Sketchus?

At Sketchus, we believe in making art accessible. Our pricing for a custom portrait starts at an affordable £49. Each masterpiece is unique, and the final cost reflects your specific choices. Opting for a larger format, or adding more characters to your portrait, such as additional people or animals, will add a minimum of £30 to your piece.

For our international customers, we ensure a hassle-free experience by converting the charges to your local currency. This approach guarantees transparency and convenience, allowing you to enjoy our service without worrying about currency exchange.

To provide you with a tailored portrait experience, we invite you to explore our comprehensive pricing options using our intuitive online configurator. Whether it's a simple individual portrait or a complex family tableau with pets, we offer a spectrum of choices to suit your needs.

Ready to turn your vision into a timeless piece of art? Begin your journey by placing your order here, and let us craft a custom portrait that you'll cherish forever.

What is the additional cost for merging multiple photos or creating a portrait from old pictures?

At Sketchus, we specialize in crafting unique, custom portraits from multiple photographs or rejuvenating old, faded images into vibrant works of art. Whether you desire to merge individual pictures into a cohesive family portrait or wish to restore and recreate a portrait from aged, yellowed photos, our skilled artists are adept at capturing the essence and intricacies of each image.

We take pride in offering these specialized services at no additional cost. Our commitment lies in providing you with a custom portrait that exceeds your expectations, transforming your cherished memories into a timeless masterpiece, without the worry of extra fees.

Embrace the opportunity to preserve your precious moments or merge your favorite snapshots into a single, stunning portrait. Choose Sketchus, where artistry meets affordability, and let us bring your vision to life.

What online payment methods can I use?

At Sketchus, your convenience and security are paramount. That's why we offer a wide array of trusted online payment options for you to choose from. Place your orders and make payments with confidence, using well-known services such as PayPal, Klarna, Klarna Installments, Mastercard, and Visa. We also accept prepayment and bank transfers for those who prefer traditional methods. Additionally, modern payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay are available for a seamless shopping experience.

Our integrated payment gateway ensures a secure and swift transaction process in our shop. Please note that for certain payment methods, such as bank transfers, the confirmation of payment receipt might take a few days. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free and secure payment process, catering to your preferred method of transaction.

Choose Sketchus for a worry-free purchase experience, where art meets convenience and security.

I ordered a portrait but forgot to complete the payment. What should I do?

If you've placed an order but haven't yet made the payment, don't worry. You can still proceed with the transfer. However, please be aware that if we do not receive your payment within 10 days of placing the order, we will have to cancel your request. We understand that situations can arise, so if you wish to cancel your order beforehand, or if you manage to complete the payment within the given timeframe, please get in touch with us via WhatsApp. Don't forget to provide your order number and your name for quick and efficient assistance.

Keep in mind that we will commence the drawing process only after the confirmation of your payment. This policy ensures that our artists start working on your custom portrait with the assurance that all administrative aspects are settled.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

While we do not offer a money-back guarantee, this is due to the highly personalized nature of our custom portraits, each meticulously crafted to meet your specific requests. However, we are confident in the quality of our work and believe you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

We understand, however, that circumstances may vary. In the unlikely event that you're not entirely happy with your portrait, we're here to support you. If you need to return the item, please contact us to arrange a return within 30 days of receiving it. Upon the return of the portrait, we will issue a refund of 70% of your purchase price.

We're committed to ensuring that your experience with us is positive and that your custom portrait meets your expectations, reflecting the unique story you wish to tell.

How do I use a discount code?

Redeeming your discount code is easy! When you're ready to complete your purchase, simply head over to the checkout. On the first page, you'll find a field to enter your discount code. Type it in, and don't forget to hit the 'Apply' button! This will ensure that your discount is processed correctly.

Your savings will be applied instantly, allowing you to review the discounted total before you proceed with the payment. Enjoy the convenience and the savings as you finalize your purchase with us!


Can I have portraits of deceased individuals drawn or combine multiple photos into a portrait?

Yes, we can create high-quality, captivating portraits from any of your references, including those of deceased individuals. Our skilled artists can also craft larger artworks by merging multiple images into a single portrait. They excel at capturing the essence of the moment, ensuring that everyone present in the photos is artfully portrayed.

Example of combining multiple photos and placing an online order

Can I order a portrait drawing of both humans and pet?

Yes, absolutely! Did you know that Sketchus specializes in the
delightful task of merging templates featuring both people and animals into captivating works of art?

How can I add my pet to my portrait?

We understand that pets are cherished members of the family, and we're more than happy to include your furry friend in your custom portrait. When placing your order, simply use the 'Add a Pet/Person' option. The cost for adding your beloved pet is the same as adding another person to your portrait, ensuring every member of your family, furry or not, can be part of your unique artwork.

To ensure the highest quality representation of your pet, please upload a high-quality image for us to reference. Our artists are dedicated to capturing every detail with precision. If you have specific instructions or preferences, don't hesitate to mention them in the comment section at the time of your order. This way, we can tailor the portrait to your exact specifications, creating a masterpiece that truly reflects your vision.

What should I do if my pictures or photo references are of poor quality?

Don't worry! The Sketchus team has over 20 years of experience as artists in the field of painting. One of our specialties is working with very blurry or old photos and turning them into works of art. We have numerous project examples, references, and extensive expertise in photo
reconstruction, restoration, and enhancement.

Which image should I choose?

You should select images that evoke special emotions. For instance, photos of your parents during their wedding, your brother's smile after graduation... In cases of reference photos with multiple people, we recommend that everyone should be looking in the same direction.

To achieve the best possible result, we recommend sending us your most recent and clear photo references. Ideally, these should be:

  1. Close-ups
  2. Natural daylight without flash
  3. Sharp images (No blurriness or distortion)
  4. Full view of the person/face (Ears and hair fully and clearly visible)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. We provide non-binding advice around the clock, and we typically respond within 10 minutes.

Do I receive an Initial Concept?

After placing your online order, we typically discuss and decide on photo references together. We invest ample time before creating the artwork to understand how the proportions, size, dimensions, composition, and contrast will appear in the final drawing. You automatically receive an Initial Concept when:

  • Your portrait costs more than $ 250.
  • Your portrait depicts more than 3 people.
  • Your order is complex, and we need your input to make the right decisions.
  • You've mentioned in the order comments that you'd like to receive an Initial Concept.

Please note:

  • Initial Concept: This is a quick collage and reference to get a sense of the drawing's feel and character. The production time increases by one day due to this additional step.
  • Preview: Under certain circumstances, such as higher-priced portraits, we also send a preview. This means you'll hear from us when your drawing is essentially complete, and the preview is final. You'll have the opportunity for feedback and adjustments, including small details.

What is a preview?

Your proof is a preview of your custom artwork that you'll receive within 4-6 days or less after placing your order. You can request unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied. We will collaborate with you to ensure your artwork is perfect before we proceed with printing and shipping.

Please keep in mind that once you approve your proof, all orders are sent to our print team immediately, so please review it carefully before giving your approval.

Can I see a preview before payment?

We begin working on your portrait immediately upon receiving your order through our website. Regrettably, we cannot offer a preview before you
complete the order. The reason for this is that our artists meticulously hand-draw your portrait on professional drawing paper, which requires a substantial amount of time and effort.

In the process of drawing

When will I receive the order confirmation?

We promptly send out an order confirmation after every completed purchase and payment. If you haven't received it, please check your spam folder, as some email providers may filter out our confirmation messages. If it's not there, or if you have any other concerns about your order, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. We're always here to assist you and provide updates on your order status.

I uploaded the wrong photo. What should I do?

No worries at all! If you've uploaded an incorrect photo, you can easily send us the correct one. Please forward the right photo via WhatsApp or Email. Don't forget to include your order number and clearly specify which photo should be used, especially if you're sending multiple options. We'll make sure to use the right one for your custom portrait.

I want to edit my order, add people, or change the size. What should I do?

If we haven't started drawing your portrait yet, we can certainly make adjustments to your order. After making the necessary changes, we will send you a confirmation email. You would only need to pay any difference in cost due to the changes. Alternatively, you have the option to cancel your current order and place a new one with your desired specifications. To ensure a swift and smooth adjustment process, please reach out to us as soon as possible via WhatsApp. We're here to assist and make sure your portrait meets all your expectations.

With just a few days left until the scheduled delivery date, I haven't received any updates from Sketchus. Should I be concerned?

Not at all, there's no need to worry! Rest assured, you haven't been forgotten. At Sketchus, we diligently work on orders as swiftly as possible, prioritizing them based on their urgency and the order in which they were received. Creating a quality portrait takes time for drawing and fine-tuning to perfection. However, if your order is needed urgently within the next 3 days and you're feeling concerned, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly via WhatsApp. We're committed to responding promptly, typically within 5-10 minutes, to address any queries or concerns you may have.

Can I also order picture frames?

Absolutely! Many of our customers choose to complement their artwork by selecting a frame that perfectly encapsulates their new portrait. You can conveniently choose a frame directly when selecting your item. In case you missed it during your initial selection, don't worry – you can still purchase a suitable frame, complete with an elegant passe-partout, separately in our shop. Visit Sketchus Frame Selection to find the perfect match for your portrait.

If you inform us about your ongoing order, we can even frame your picture for you, ensuring it's beautifully presented without any hassle on your part. Please note that we currently offer frames in classic black or white to suit a variety of decors and preferences.

I'm not satisfied with the preview. What should I do?

We're sorry to hear that the preview didn't meet your expectations, but please don't worry. We're committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and offer you three options to resolve the situation:

  1. Revision: We'll promptly address the areas of concern and send you an updated preview as soon as possible.
  2. Partial Refund: If you prefer, we can issue a 70% refund of the portrait price, and you can keep the drawing as it is.
  3. Redraw: Alternatively, we can create a new portrait for you. This process takes about 5-7 days. Our globally represented artists are dedicated to producing high-quality images. Once completed, we'll scan and print the artwork in-house, allowing for faster shipment.

We strive to provide options that cater to your needs and ensure that you are delighted with the final product.

I want to resize my drawn portrait or order additional art prints. What are my options?

There's no need to place a new portrait order if you're looking to adjust the size of your existing drawing or if you're interested in ordering additional art prints. We offer a convenient solution exclusively for customers who have already placed an order with us. Simply visit our art print page and enter your original order number in the designated field to request additional prints or adjustments to your portrait.

Explore your options and place your request here: Sketchus Art Prints


What is the production time at Sketchus?

Creating a unique and beautiful portrait drawing involves a lot of work and attention to detail. Depending on the style and size, producing a portrait can take several hours to even weeks.

We offer three options for production time, which are available for selection at the end of each order:

  • Production time up to 10 days: Additional cost of €19
  • Production time up to 15 days: Additional cost of €9
  • Production time up to 30 days: No additional cost

Please note:

  • This is the production time only and does not include the delivery time, which typically requires 1-2 days.

I urgently need a portrait drawing, what can we do if there isn't enough time?

Here's a solution that might work for you:

If time is of the essence, we recommend opting for our 'Express Creation' service, which guarantees a turnaround time of just 5 days. Here's what this service entails:

  • Your portrait will be skillfully drawn on high-quality art paper.
  • Once completed, it will be scanned and sent to you as a high-resolution digital file via email.
  • You can then print this digital version immediately, ensuring you have a beautiful gift to present on time.
  • Meanwhile, we will prepare and send the premium art print version, which you'll receive a few days later. Simply replace the printed copy with this high-quality art print for a lasting and exquisite presentation.

This express service ensures that you won't have to compromise on quality or punctuality. You can delight in presenting a thoughtful and beautifully crafted portrait, even at short notice.

I need the portrait in 60 days or later. Is there any special offer available?

Absolutely! If you have more than 60 days before you need your portrait, we're pleased to extend a special offer to you. Opt for a 30-day production time and use the discount code "60DAYS" at checkout to
receive a 10% discount on your order. Plus, as an added bonus, we'll waive the shipping costs. This offer is our way of saying thank you for planning ahead and choosing our service for your custom portrait needs.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is meticulously drawn and carefully packaged, we dispatch it through our shipping partner. You will receive a shipping confirmation via email, which includes the tracking number. This allows you to conveniently monitor the status of your shipment and stay updated on its journey to you.

My Portrait has not arrived yet. What should I do?

If it's been more than 10 days since you received the shipping confirmation and your order still hasn't arrived, please notify us immediately via WhatsApp. We understand how important your order is and we'll take prompt action by sending you a new copy. Rest assured, we're here to ensure that your experience is smooth and satisfactory.

What should I do if my custom portrait is damaged during delivery?

At Sketchus, we take great care in packaging your custom portrait meticulously to prevent any damage. However, the delivery process is beyond our control, and occasionally mishaps may occur. If your custom portrait arrives damaged, please take the following steps:

  1. Document the Condition: Immediately take photos of the damaged packaging and the portrait itself. This documentation is crucial for us to address the issue effectively.
  2. Contact Us: Reach out to us with the photographs of the damage. This will enable us to initiate a claim with the delivery service and ensure that the issue is handled promptly.
  3. Replacement Process: We understand the disappointment of receiving a damaged artwork. To make amends, we offer a Fine Art Print replacement for your damaged custom portrait. Please allow us 3 days to process and prepare the replacement before shipment.

We at Sketchus are committed to delivering exquisite custom portraits with utmost care. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to rectify any delivery issues swiftly and efficiently.

I've received my Sketchus custom portrait. How can I share my experience?

We are thrilled to hear you've received your custom portrait from Sketchus! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and helps to enrich the Sketchus community. Here's how you can share your experience:

  1. Wait for Our Email: A few days after your custom portrait has been shipped, we will send you an email. This email will contain a special link for you to share your experience.
  2. Share Your Thoughts: Using the link in our email, you can easily provide your feedback. Whether it's a positive review or constructive suggestions, your insights are highly appreciated and help us to continually improve.

We believe that every custom portrait tells a unique story, and your experiences bring those stories to life. By sharing your thoughts, you not only contribute to our community but also help others to make informed decisions about their own custom portrait journey.

Looking forward to hearing about your Sketchus experience!

Which countries does Sketchus ship custom portraits to?

Sketchus delivers custom portraits globally with warehouses in key locations for fast, local shipping. We serve:

  • European Union (EU): Including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, etc.
  • North America: United States (USA) and Canada (CA).
  • Oceania: Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ).
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Vietnam

For specific shipping details to your location, please contact our customer suppor

What do you charge for shipping?

At Sketchus, we offer two shipping options to cater to your needs:

  • Standard Production (30- 60 days): Enjoy free shipping with our standard option, ensuring your custom portrait is crafted with care and precision.
  • Express Production (7-9 days): Need your custom portrait sooner? Opt for our Express Production for just $19.99. Please note, the final cost may vary based on your country and will be converted to your local currency. You can view the exact charges at checkout.

For more information or specific inquiries, please contact our customer support.

When will I receive my order?

At Sketchus, we offer flexible delivery options to suit your convenience:

  • Standard: Typically, your custom portrait will arrive within 15 days. You can select your preferred delivery date at checkout.
  • Express: Need your custom portrait faster? Choose our Express Delivery option for an expedited service, ensuring your order arrives within 7-9 days.

Please note that the exact delivery times may vary based on your location and the specific details of your order.

My custom portrait order from Sketchus hasn't arrived as expected. What should I do?

If your order hasn't arrived within the expected timeframe, please take the following steps before contacting us:

  1. Verify Delivery Address: Check your shipping confirmation email to ensure the delivery address is correct.
  2. Check with Local Post Office: Sometimes, packages are held at your local post office. Please inquire if they have your package.
  3. Consult Your Neighbors: It's possible the courier might have left your package with a neighbor. Please check with them.

If the above steps don't resolve the issue, the shipping address was correct, and the package is neither with the post office nor with your neighbors, please reach out to us at with your order number. We'll make it right by sending you another custom portrait.

Other Questions

Can I post my Sketchus portrait drawings on social media?

Yes, absolutely! We are delighted when our customers share their custom portraits on social media for personal use. Feel free to post your artwork and if you'd like, mention us. We appreciate your support in making Sketchus more recognized.

However, please note that commercial use of the custom portraits is not permitted without prior arrangement, as it may infringe on copyright laws. If you wish to use our drawings for business purposes, please contact us beforehand so we can discuss and arrange the necessary permissions.

Your enjoyment and respectful sharing of our custom portraits are what make the Sketchus community vibrant and thriving.

Will the Sketchus logo appear on my custom portrait artwork?

After completing your custom portrait, our Sketchus artist will sign the artwork, adding a personal touch of authenticity. As for the Sketchus logo, it is used solely as a watermark on the images displayed on our website to protect our digital content. Rest assured, this watermark does not appear on your original custom portrait. You will receive a clean, signature-authenticated piece that you can proudly display in your space.

Are there any discounts available at Sketchus for portraits?

Absolutely! We love to treat our Sketchus community with special offers. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll gain access to regular discount codes. Plus, as a welcome gift, you'll receive a 15% discount code for your order just for signing up. It's our way of saying thank you for joining the Sketchus family and embarking on the journey of unique and personalized art with us.

Don't miss out on the chance to make your custom portrait experience even more rewarding!

How can I contact Sketchus if I have questions?

If you have any questions that aren't addressed here, we're ready to assist you. You can easily get in touch with us via WhatsApp or email. We're committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to ensure your experience with your custom portrait is seamless and enjoyable.

  • Contact via WhatsApp: Send a message now.
  • Contact via Email: Write to us.

Your inquiries are important to us, and we strive to address them as swiftly as possible!