How It Works: Custom Portraits by Sketchus

Are you ready to transform your cherished memories into timeless works of art?

At Sketchus, ordering a custom portrait is a simple and delightful process. Let's take a closer look at how you can have your very own commissioned artwork that will adorn your home forever.

Helpful Tips for Capturing a Great Photo

To ensure the best possible portrait, follow these helpful tips when selecting your photo:

  1. Upload a clear, high-resolution image.
  2. Avoid photos with inadequate lighting or excessive darkness.
  3. Ensure all elements you want to include in the artwork are visible in the image.
  4. Opt for close-up shots.
  5. Use natural daylight without flash.
  6. Provide sharp images with no blurriness or distortion.
  7. Ensure the full view of the person's face, with ears and hair clearly visible.

Any questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.