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Charcoal drawing from photo - buy charcoal drawings - have a portrait drawn with charcoal

Charcoal drawing from photo - buy charcoal drawings - have a portrait drawn with charcoal

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Regular price €45,00 EUR
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What exactly do you mean by Artprint and Original?

The original premium drawing gives you a drawing with maximum detail and a high degree of subtlety, contrast and shading.

Artprint is also a work of art and is also hand drawn on art paper, like our original drawings. These will be scanned by the artist after completion. These premium fine art are printed and will be sent to you even faster.

You will only receive a preview by email or WhatsApp if you do not order an original drawing as an art print and order an order value of more than 100 EUR.

"plus VAT." means that VAT will be charged in addition to the stated price. (Taxes depend on customer's country. e.g. Germany 7% and 19%)

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Charcoal drawings from the photo - production 1-2 days possible.

Are you looking for the perfect charcoal drawing for your loved ones? Then you are exactly right here. We draw your templates and photos as very high-quality and detailed charcoal drawings.

Upload your photos and we'll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, you can send us the photo by e-mail to or to Whatsapp after you have placed your order.

- We ask for the highest possible resolution of the photo templates for the exact detailed charcoal drawing

- Additional changes and requests will be sent in the interim result for review.

- After 1-3 days we will send the charcoal drawing , the drawn picture by post with a tracking number.

Charcoal portrait at Sketchus Portrait

    Would you like to give away one of our Sketchus artworks or have a portrait drawn, but you are not sure which photo is the right one for the drawing? Do you have too many pictures of your loved ones on your phone and can't decide? We are happy to help you with a Sketchus Portrait charcoal drawing

    Buy charcoal drawings with safe packaging

    You don't want to do without the special surprise effect? You can have us draw your personal motif as a very nice charcoal drawing on 300 g/m² thick paper. This drawing will come to your home in one to three days in an attractive packaging.

    Whether dog, cat or horse, whether nude or portrait charcoal drawing

    Regardless of whether you upload your own photo, we draw all portrait drawings in pencil , animal portraits or charcoal drawings with dedication and attention to detail. It is not a simple copy, but an incomparable moment captured for eternity. We also create a total work of art from several templates.

    Original charcoal drawing - have a portrait drawn with charcoal - the gift for every occasion

      Give away a charcoal drawing to friends or family and make your loved ones very happy. A charcoal drawing is "The gift for every occasion": the perfect reminder or an exclusive gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, wedding or just to say thank you.

      A Sketchus charcoal drawing & portrait drawing as a gift is a personal gift that comes from the heart. So you can immediately present this drawing to your loved ones, family or friends and delight them with a special surprise!

      History of Charcoal Drawing

      The charcoal consists of pressed charcoal powder.

      In art it is a commonly used tool because it is cheap and easy to make yourself and offers good opportunities for correction. In addition, they can be used linearly and pointedly, as well as broadly, blurred and painterly. It dusts heavily and smudges easily, making fixing necessary. Various woods such as willow, linden, fruit trees and others are used in the manufacture. It is important that the wood has grown evenly.

      Charcoal must not be too soft and not too hard

      The charcoal must not be too soft, but also not too hard, otherwise it will smear or splinter, and it must also blacken well. The cut sticks are wrapped in clay in bundles or placed in a sealed clay pot. After that, they are slowly baked in an oven. Recently, charcoal powder has also been pressed into sticks, which allows for different degrees of hardness. Charred wood has been used for drawing since primeval times, as evidenced by many cave drawings. Nevertheless, up until the Middle Ages it tended to be used as an aid, for example for preliminary drawings or for exercises.

      Fix charcoal drawing

      It was not until the 15th century that hand drawings became more highly valued globally and the trend towards suitable fixing methods began to be used that works were created that were the ultimate goal and not a preliminary stage. From then on, it was fixed either by placing it in a glue bath or by brushing it with glue. The flawless method was to apply glue to the sheet before drawing, apply the charcoal after it had dried, and then soften the glue in steam and fix the drawing in this way.

      Charcoal Drawing Landscape, Abstract & Portrait

      The charcoal drawing with its very unusual character opens up massive opportunities to depict motifs and convey ambience. Drawing with charcoal means that particularly expressive solutions have long been created with various strokes.

      Portrait designs and sketches, landscapes and nudes can be represented in various ways with charcoal.

      Now have a portrait drawn with charcoal


      Original: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolour... on art paper. (or oil, acrylic on canvas)

      Artprint: high-quality fine art poster paper, non-reflecting. (Or canvas print - oil portrait)


      Free DHL shipping with tracking


      The sizes are based on the Din A4 to A1 formats

      A4: 20x30cm

      A3: 30x40cm

      A2: 42x60cm

      A1: Please contact us on WhatApp in advance

      View full details

      Several photo templates for one portrait

      We can turn any template into a work of art. Our artists can also stage the feeling that everyone was present at the moment. We're happy to help you create that special moment. The Sketchus team specializes in creating images from different templates into a total work of art.

      Can't put it into words!
      A perfection that says more than 1000 words! Since we had to say goodbye to my father-in-law very early on, he didn't have a chance to get to know our offspring. When my wife opened the gift, tears came to her eyes. It is the best gift you can ever give your partner. The service was super nice and always there when there were questions. A great team 👌
      Thank you for this moment I was allowed to experience with my wife 😘
      Marcel E
      Despite poor quality of photos, made the impossible possible
      I ordered this picture for my husband as he doesn't have any pictures in common with his parents. The photos of his parents are old and therefore not of good quality. Despite this, Sketchus team made the impossible possible and painted a beautiful portrait with all the details. We'll see how my husband reacts, but his brothers were moved to tears.
      Eve K
      It really turned out to be a really beautiful picture.
      Since my father-in-law can never see what his mother would be like with the last grandchild in her arms, we had this wonderful idea and Sketchus Portrait allowed us to bring him to tears.
      Thanks again for this great drawing!
      Daniela Sigismondi
      Wonderful portrait drawing! ❤️
      I found this site on the internet and thought it would be a perfect gift for my husband to have a picture drawn, his dad and our son. Together, although they never got to know each other. The Sketchus team fulfilled my wishes and gave me an insight into their design. When the picture arrived at home I was very overwhelmed! Such a great job and so much attention to detail.
      Sarah Jennifer Schnitzer