Collection: Drawing and painting a picture for dad: 20 creative ideas for father gifts


Welcome to our gallery where we present creative and easy drawing ideas especially for Father's Day gifts. Whether you're a beginner or a young child, our selection of drawing projects will help you create a heartfelt and personal gift for your father. From one line art to simple silhouettes, you'll find the perfect idea to express love and gratitude here.

One Line Art - Simple and Expressive

One Line Art is a stunning technique that involves drawing images using a single, unbroken line. This method is ideal for beginners as it requires little preparation yet can be very effective.

Traditional drawing techniques for children

Children can express their creativity through simple drawing methods while creating something beautiful for their father.

20 One Line Art Ideas for Dad

Family under a tree - Draw the silhouettes of a family under a large tree, a symbol of protection and warmth.

Fishing with Dad - A scene of father and child fishing on the lake shore, depicted only by their reflections in the water.

Starry sky - A night sky full of stars, perhaps with a father and child enjoying the view together.

Walking in the park - The silhouettes of father and child walking hand in hand through the park.

Bicycle ride - A happy scene of a bicycle ride on a forest path.

Outdoor Picnic - A simple depiction of an outdoor picnic.

Kite flying - A picture of a kite soaring high in the sky with a father and child beneath it.

Gardening with dad - father and child planting or watering flowers in the garden.

First day of school - The scene of the first day of school with father taking his child to school.

Building a sandcastle - father and child building a sandcastle on the beach.

Cozy evening by the fireplace - A warm scene by the fireplace with a book or a cup of tea.

Going camping - father and child setting up a tent.

Enjoying mountain panorama - father and child admiring the view on a mountain peak

Kayaking - The scene of kayaking on a calm lake.

Morning exercise - father and child jogging or doing yoga in the morning

Learning to ride a bike - A picture of a father teaching his child to ride a bike.

Drawing a treasure map - father and child designing a treasure map.

Watching the Sunrise - A tranquil scene of a father and child watching the sunrise from a hill.

Planting a new tree - father and child planting a new tree, a symbol of growth and new beginnings.

Winter landscape - father and child building a snowman or skiing.


These 20 drawing ideas are a wonderful way to show your dad how much he means to you. Each of these pieces of art can be a unique and personal gift. Use your creativity and create something special that will delight your dad.

Are you ready to start drawing? Visit our website regularly for more inspiring ideas and practical tips to help you improve your drawing skills. Have fun creating your personal gift!